13 Best Safes for College Dorm Rooms: Secure Your Laptop

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We advise our college students to take laptop security seriously. Our list of 13 best laptop safes for dorm rooms eliminates the guesswork so you can have peace of mind, knowing their electronics, important documents and other valuables are secure.

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Did you know that 60% of college students have been or know someone who has experienced laptop theft? And 98% of laptops are never recovered.

We’ve worked on college campuses for over 2 decades, and we’ve comforted our share of students whose laptops were stolen. Based on our experience, many thefts happen because students left their laptop in plain sight in a car or unattended in their apartments or college dorm rooms.

It’s a miserable and devastating experience.

Not only is it a personal violation, it also impacts their classes and ability to keep up. Not to mention additional concerns about identify theft.

Students also head to college with other valuables like passports, cell phones, credit cards, electronics, gaming systems, jewelry and more.

Students need to be vigilant about keeping track of and protecting their devices and personal property. Laptop computers store sensitive data, hold valuable information and are a significant financial investment.

Having a safe in their dorm room or apartment isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have.

What To Look For in a Dorm Safe

When you’re choosing the best safe for college life, here’s what to consider: size, security features, portability, fire and water resistance and cost.


Size is one of the most important considerations when choosing a safe. Make sure your laptop can easily fit inside, along with any other valuable items you want to protect. Check the interior dimensions of the safe so you know what it can reasonably hold.

Safety Features

Laptop safes typically come with electronic or mechanical locks, and often both. A real electronic lock is more user-friendly, allowing you to set a secure code, while mechanical locks require a key. You need to think about your personal preference (and how likely you are to forget a code or lose the key).

Pay attention to other security features, like pry-resistant doors or sturdy steel construction. You also want to prevent potential thieves from walking away with the safe itself.

Some safes have bolt-down capabilities with pre-drilled mounting holes so you can anchor them to the floor or wall.. But you won’t be able to bolt anything down in college dorms.

Look for a safe with an attached security cable or access holes large enough to thread your own cable so you can loop it around a fixed object.


Make sure you consider the size and weight of the safe. If you plan to move it around often or need to take it with you during breaks, a compact and lightweight model is more practical. You might even want a portable safe with handles that make it easy to carry.

Fire and Water Resistance

A laptop safe doesn’t necessarily need to be fire or water resistant, but it’s an extra layer of protection for your laptop and valuables. If you’re choosing between two safes, this could definitely be a deciding factor.


As with most items, laptop safes have a range of price points. The cost increases as the level of security increases. You will have to decide on a level of security that gives you peace of mind.

Best Laptop Safes for Dorms

Now that you know what to look for, here’s our roundup of the best dorm room safes.

Top Pick
SentrySafe Security Safe SentrySafe Security Safe

This SentrySafe pick is our top choice for security. It has all-steel construction and 2 locking bolts in addition to the programmable digital lock. It's heavy enough to deter thieves from taking the whole safe, but you can also slide a cable through the pre-drilled holes to secure it to a bedpost.

Comes with 2 override keys and has a carpeted interior to protect against scratches.

One word of caution - the opening to the safe is slightly smaller than the interior measurements, so make sure your laptop will fit.

  • Exterior dimensions: 16.9" x 13.6" x 8.9"
  • Interior dimensions:  16.8" x 11.6" x 8.7"
  • Weighs 24 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 0.98
05/17/2024 09:49 pm GMT
Budget Pick
Honeywell Fire Resistant Safe Box Honeywell Fire Resistant Safe Box

Unlike the other safes on our list, this one opens at the top. It's fire resistant, has a foam floor and comes with a free security cable to attach the box. It has a digital lock and 2 override keys.

This one won't hold as much inside the safe, but it's the best option if you don't need a lot of room and have a smaller budget.

Exterior dimensions: 

  • Exterior dimensions: ‎5.2" x 17.5" x 12.8"
  • Interior dimensions: 4.87" x 16.37" x 11.37"
  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 0.48

Fireproof, Waterproof
Thmosz Fireproof Waterproof Safe Thmosz Fireproof Waterproof Safe

If you're specifically looking for a fireproof and waterproof laptop safe, this is the one to get. The hotel-style electronic lock is backlit so you can easily see it in the dark (roommates will thank you!)

It also comes with keys and a USB C port to connect an external power source if necessary.

Entering the code 3 times incorrectly will set off the alarm.

  • ‎Exterior dimensions: 16.54" x 14.57" x 7.87"
  • Interior dimensions:  16.14" x 12.60" x 7.48"
  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 1.25
05/17/2024 05:44 pm GMT
AEGIS Biometric Fingerprint Safe Box AEGIS Biometric Fingerprint Safe Box

The fingerprint reader sets this safe apart from the others on our list. It also has an electronic keypad and backup keys, along with batteries and an included USB-C cable. An alarm sounds after 3 unsuccessful attempts to open.

It has a carpeted floor to protect from scratches and a removable shelf.

Aegis is a trusted brand that offers this safe in a variety of sizes. We know a student who has a smaller version but check the measurements to make sure it's large enough to hold what you need.

  • Exterior dimensions: ‎9.1" x 16.9" x 14.3"
  • Interior dimensions: 8.9" x 16.8" x 12"
  • Weighs 19 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 1.2
05/17/2024 09:58 pm GMT
Vertical Design
Stealth College Dorm Compact Safe Stealth College Dorm Compact Safe

The Stealth Best College Dorm Safe is made of real steel and has a vertical design. There's space for a laptop plus 3 rubberized shelves and the best electronic lock in the safe industry.

The safe has access holes for a power cord so you can charge electronics inside the safe. It also comes with a free security cable.

  • Exterior dimensions (inches): 20" x 7.25" x 14"
  • Interior dimensions (inches): 18.5" x 6.5" x 12”
  • Weighs 35 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 0.84
Live-Door Bolts
Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

This safe has a few unique features: 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant This safe has a few unique features: 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges. It also has a carpeted floor which helps prevent scratches.

The electronic keypad lock is easy to program and reprogram as needed. Two backup keys are included along with 4 bolts.

  • Exterior dimensions (inches): 16.93" x 14.57" x 10.63"
  • Interior dimensions (inches): 16.77" x 11.93" x 10.47"
  • Weighs 26 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 1
05/17/2024 10:36 pm GMT
Extra Alarm
Stalwart Digital Safe Stalwart Digital Safe

If you need a safe large enough for a laptop and a gaming system, consider this one. It's the heaviest safe on our list, so you probably don't need a tethering cable - it does have bolts to secure it.

It has a removable (but not adjustable) shelf and an alarm that sounds after 3 incorrect in attempts. If incorrect pins are entered 3 more times, the alarm will sound for a full 5 minutes.

  • Exterior dimensions (inches): 13.5" x 12" x 19.75"
  • Interior dimensions (inches): 13.5" x 11" x 19.5"
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 1.68
Yale Security Laptop Alarmed Safe Yale Security Laptop Alarmed Safe

Perfect size for a dorm room! Choose your own 3 to 8-digit code for the electronic lock and get a backup key in case you forget your code.

If anyone tampers with the safe or enters the code incorrectly 3 times, the alarm will sound.

Comes with a removable shelf and 2 bolts to secure safe to wall or floor.

  • Exterior dimensions: 7.87" x 16.93" x 13.78"
  • Interior dimensions: 7.48" x 16.54" x 11.81"
  • Weighs 16.5 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 0.8
05/17/2024 06:36 pm GMT

Lockable Trunks and Lock Boxes

Lockboxes and lockable trunks are a very popular option for college students. They’re more lightweight than most safes, but often come with cable locks to keep them secure. They also come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Combination Locks
Vaultz Storage Lock Box Vaultz Storage Lock Box

Here are a few things they really like: it has a cable to secure to a bed frame, it easily slides under a bed and it's lightweight with a handle.

It comes in 9 colors and patterns so students can choose something that either stands out or blends in with their room decor. It's perfect for small spaces.

The anti-scuffing rubber feet protect the floor and there's a mesh pocket to help organize small items.

Dual combination locks can be set to the same or two different combinations.

  • Exterior dimensions (inches): 6.18" x 12.99" x 18.11"
  • Interior dimensions (inches): 4.25" x 12.4" x 17.52"
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 0.53
05/17/2024 03:34 pm GMT
Under Bed
C&N Footlockers Lockable Trunk C&N Footlockers Lockable Trunk

If you like the look of a footlocker but want more space and higher quality material, this trunk from C&N Footlockers is a great option. It's definitely a favorite for college students because it can slide under their bed and be secured with the attached cable lock.

It has a latch closure and space for any standard padlock - you'll need to buy that on your own.

  • Exterior dimensions: 32" x 18" x 8.25"
  • Interior dimensions: 31" x17.5" x 7"
  • Weighs 18.5 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 2.1
05/17/2024 03:30 pm GMT
Removable Wheels & Water Resistant
Rhino College Trunk Rhino College Trunk

This Rhino trunk has a few unique features: removable wheels (so much easier to move!), a soft-close safety lid and durable leather handles.

You can use any type of padlock in the loop. The high quality birch plywood is covered with a Rhino Armor fabric that's scratch and water resistant. 

Choose from 10 colors.

  • Exterior dimensions (inches): 30" x 17" x 13"
  • Weighs 26 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 3.8

Laptop Safe Alternatives

If you don’t really want a safe or lockbox, I did find a few alternative options that would still provide some security for your laptop.

Fireproof & Waterproof
DocSafe Storage Ottoman with Lock DocSafe Storage Ottoman with Lock

This safe doubles as an ottoman and an extra seat in small college dorm rooms. Made of durable PVC leather, the safe has a programmable 3-digit lock code. It's also waterproof and fireproof.

  • Exterior dimensions (inches): 17" x 13" x 13"
  • Weighs 5.5 pounds
  • Cubic feet: 1.6
Kensington Slim Combination Laptop Lock Kensington Slim Combination Laptop Lock

A laptop lock is a popular option for college students because they can easily use it in their dorm room and take it with them to the library or coffee shops.

This lock is a slim version for ultra-thin laptops. The combination lock is resettable.

Kensington offers locks for all types and brands of laptops, so be sure to read through the specs to get the right one.

Choosing a laptop safe for your college dorm room is an important decision. Take your time to choose a safe that fits your needs and budget. Then rest easy, knowing you’ve chosen the best way to protect your laptop, documents, electronics and other important items.

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